‘In His Loving Care’ is available and can only be purchased directly through me.
It has a lovely mixture of songs catering for those of you who enjoy Country Music, Gospel,
old school Rock’n’Roll, Irish, 40’s & 50’s plus a bit of light hearted fun stuff for good measure.
You can dance to every track.

CD’s cost $25.00 which includes GST and Postage.
I can arrange internet banking for you or you can send a cheque to:

Stagecoach Promotions Ltd,
B19/28 Edward Avenue
Pukemiro, RD1
Huntly. 3771


STARBUDDY CHARITABLE TRUST is ticking along fine.
I seem to have created a lot of extra work for myself but it’s been an exciting time.
We have created pledges for 33 Children with special needs, disability or severe illness so far and look forward to extending that number in the very near future.
I would love Country Music Clubs to get behind this project and make a pledge of $500 for a local child.
We will create a special event including them and make a donation to the organisation they are closely associated with as well as their local branch of St John Ambulance.

Don’t forget we have Pens, Stressballs,Kid’s T’Shirts to purchase along with this great CD featuring:

Eddie Low, Dennis Marsh, Kylie Austin, Annette & Kim, Joy Adams, Trevor Dawe, Craig Byrne, Annette Hawkins, Patsy Riggir, Kim Copedo, Trevor V Stevens & Gail Russell, Philip Steans, Brian Ringrose.

CD’s cost $28.00 inclusive of GST and Postage.
Please write your cheque out to StarBuddy Charitable Trust and post C/-
Joy Adams
StarBuddy Charitable Trust
B19/28 Edward Avenue, Pukemiro, RD1
Huntly.  3771

Please check out our website and

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