Afternoon Shows

Country, Nostalgia & War Years & Variety Concerts

I launched my  afternoon concerts in 2008 and they have been
hugely successful.
They cover a huge cross section of songs and styles catering for 
specific audiences.
Some are ideally suited to a retired audience, but I can
also do themed shows catering for classic
Rock’n’Roll, Comedy, Wartime and Nostalgia – and of course


I personally write to people on my mailing lists where I’m running shows and also invite Rest homes, Retirement Villages,
Probus, Rotary, Lions Clubs, Senior Citizens Clubs and R.S.A’s.

I have a great mix of songs including songs dating back from 1879.

Expect to hear older country, great old nostalgia songs and war time songs to stir up memories. I’ll sing some of my originals and include some older classic rock ‘n’ roll songs from the 50’s and 60’s.


There will also be liberal doses of humour throughout.
I can tailor a show just for you!

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